I have installed FiOS at my home.

but, I have got a trouble, because FiOS is supply Etherenet connection.

I should connect the signal to the other room, but, there is only Coax (Cable TV wire).

I have decided to use MoCA Adatere and bought two MM1002.





at electric room, connect Ethernet between FiOS OTN and MM1002.

and, connect Coax cable on MM1002.




The other room, I have connect between Router and MM1002 using Ethernet Cable.

and, Connect Coax cable which matched with the one in the electric room.


Just turn-on, and check the speed.

It is fully support 300Mbps Up/Down thru WIFI.


In fact, FiOS ONT can support 300Mbps Coax ouptut. But, unfotunately, they will not allow to use it.

They are asking to use their modem to do it, it is $150. Even their adapter also, can support it.

But, Do not recommend to use their adapter without Modem.


Finally, I just use two MM1002 instead Verizon MoCA Adapter.

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SMI to SRT Batch Converter


It can convert SMI file(s) to SRT format.


Search - select folder or drive to search SMI

Clean - clear *.SRT files in the folder

Convert - convert SMI file to SRT


* Refresh SMI - it will try to read SMI file and save as a formal UTF8 format


Tags - SMI file can have multi language in a file, and distinguish by CLASS, Specify what tags will be selected in default. If there is a single CLASS, it will be selected in default.


SRT Format - What encoding will be used for SRT format


SMI Format - What encoding will be used to refresh SMI file format





SMI 포맷의 자막 파일을 SRT 포맷으로 변환합니다.  일괄 배치로 변환할 수 있기 때문에 다소 편리합니다.

또한, SMI 리프레시 기능은 SMI 자막을 내용 변경없이 텍스트 포맷을 변경합니다. 가끔, 포맷이 비정상적인

파일들을 수정할 수 있습니다.